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food design

I was reading up on design on different blogs the other day, and came across an interesting article on food presentation: The Art of Styling a Dish. The interesting thing was that most of the concepts the author shared about food presentation, could as easily be applied to presentations. I don’t know about you, but [...]

Photo credit Night Owl City

Lately I’ve been lucky enough to go to several universities and talk to students on how to make better presentations. The great thing about talking to university students is that most of them have not yet been spoiled by really bad presentations in the business environment. However, they have no examples on how to make [...]

Adding the final touches

Have you ever wondered how people make their own templates in powerpoint so that all their presentations look consistent? Or have you ever just lost it because your boss told you to add your company logo on every slide? Well, that’s where the slide master comes in.


The interesting thing about presentations is that they are totally subjective, although there are some practices that we all dislike when we see a presentation (too much text, background and fonts with little contrast, too many bullet points…), there is no step by step guide on how to make a good presentation.

by Thomas Milne

Presentations are nothing like movies. You can go to the movies and sit there for two hours giving your full, undivided attention. But have you ever been able to sit through a two hour presentation without wanting to rip your hair out? Usually not 10 minutes go by without people starting to tweet or answer emails.

by aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR

Two weeks ago the Tetuan Valley Startup School, program I’m proud to be a mentor at, kicked off. On the first session Alex Barrera was explaining to the teams the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur and creating a startup. We actually came up with this definition for an entrepreneur:   One of the [...]


I just started the Back to Basics section because a lot of people often ask me how to do this type of things, and because knowing how to do them is necessary to follow a lot of what I talk about here in the blog. So here’s the first entry. When you want to change [...]


Started by Carles Caño at presentástico, we bring you our take on the Presentation Alphabet. A – Audience. The audience is probably the most important part of your presentation, you’re giving it to them and for them; you want to influence them somehow. Here’s how you make an Audience Needs Map . B – Bullet [...]

For those of you keeping track, you’ve probably noticed I haven’t posted or been around for a while. This is due to my latest project: I was approached by a group of students from the university I graduated from asking me to help them with a competition for an NGO. The group was to create [...]


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