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What you shouldn’t learn from your teachers

Lately I’ve been lucky enough to go to several universities and talk to students on how to make better presentations. The great thing about talking to university students is that most of them have not yet been spoiled by really bad presentations in the business environment. However, they have no examples on how to make good presentations, so they pull from what they see.

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Presentation lesson from the film industry, or how to make people fall in love with your content

Presentations are nothing like movies. You can go to the movies and sit there for two hours giving your full, undivided attention. But have you ever been able to sit through a two hour presentation without wanting to rip your hair out? Usually not 10 minutes go by without people starting to tweet or answer emails.

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First kinetic typography video

For those of you keeping track, you’ve probably noticed I haven’t posted or beenwo-logo around for a while. This is due to my latest project: I was approached by a group of students from the university I graduated from asking me to help them with a competition for an NGO. The group was to create a presentation that explained a solution to the world water crisis. Winning the competition meant getting the project funded by I liked the idea and got on board.